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On this episode of “Bay Area Drop In” the cast will drop in on San Francisco’s industrial neighborhood of Dogpatch. Sammy and Angel will explore some of the city’s oldest buildings, check out a loft building, and Sammy will take Angel to try southern comfort food for the first time. In Design, Sandeep will give […]

Presidio Heights

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In this episode the crew will drop in on San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood. One of San Francisco’s most expensive zip codes. The area has some of the largest homes in the city and one of the most family friendly shopping areas, Laurel Village. This episode is packed with Fun! We’ll drop in on Laurel Village […]

West Portal

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Episode 2 – West Portal, SF In Episode 2 of “Bay Area Drop In” we will drop in on San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood located on the other side of Twin Peaks. In the episode Sammy and Angel take you down West Portal Avenue to some great shops and restaurants and show you a beautiful […]


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Episode 9 – Haight Ashbury, San Francisco Haight Ashbury is the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets of San Francisco. You will find a variety of restaurants and bars, clothing boutiques, bookstores and record stores. The neighborhood still remains a unique sense of Bohemian ambiance. Its historical Victorian houses are one of the most photographed […]


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 Episode 6 – The Castro, San Francisco The Castro district is one of the United States’ first gay neighborhoods, and it is currently the largest. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars and stores in this area. It’s colorful night life attracts many people and tourists. In addition, we will take you on a tour of a […]

Potrero Hill

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Episode 5- Potrero Hill, San Francisco Sunny Potrero Hill is relatively isolated by freeways and blocks of industrial landscape giving this neighborhood its own pace somewhat apart from the city. Potrero Hill’s primary shopping drag is on 18th Street and runs just a few short blocks. Many houses in this neighborhood seem to have little gardens […]

Sunset District

Season 1/Episode 1   Check out the very first episode of Bay Area Drop In! The show debuted on August 11, 2012 and featured the Sunset District of San Francisco. Learn all about the history, and lifestyle past and present.